We give used computers New Life
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Gordon Mills, 
Owner, Sales
Christy Jewett, 
Accts Receivable/Payable
Receiving, Inventory Control

About Newlife Electronics LLC
Newlife Electronics LLC opened in May, 2009 as a Family business, and we pride ourselves as community oriented and supportive of the Schools and Non-Profits we have the opportunity to serve.

Newlife Electronics is dedicated to provide you with the highest quality parts, and the best service available. Our knowledgeable staff are trained in ESD and Safe Packaging processes so the parts you received are protected from damage and can be depended on to be the right parts in the right condition. If you need any special handling or late hours support, just let us know. We can provide Courier and Freight service.


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We give used computers 
"New Life"
Vanessa Claudio,